Treadmill ECG testing

A treadmill ECG test involves running on the treadmill with ECG and blood pressure monitoring. Its role in the field of cardiology is crucial as it allows for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease, coronary disease risk assessment, as well as assessment of the heart’s conduction system.

Hence, you may want to do a treadmill ECG test if you have symptoms which may be suggestive of coronary artery disease as part of initial evaluation. You may also want to do a treadmill ECG if you want an assessment of your cardiovascular risk in the next 10 years as part of a health screening program so that you can seek appropriate preventive measures.

A treadmill ECG is relatively safe for healthy individuals as it is basically the same as jogging or doing a treadmill in the gym. The difference is that you would be monitored under the supervision of a cardiologist in this setting.

An echocardiogram involves using an ultrasound probe to obtain images of the heart. It allows for an assessment of the overall cardiac function as well as assessment of the valves within the heart. It also allows for non-invasive haemodynamic measures to be made with regards to aspects of cardiac function.

24 hour holter monitoring

A 24 hour holter monitoring allows for a continuous monitoring of a person’s heart rhythm. It is a screen for suspected heart rhythm abnormalities such as atrial fibrillation. At Sunrise Heart and Internal Medicine Clinic, it would involve putting a patch on the left side of the chest for 24 hours. This device can be worn for more than 24 hours depending on the clinical context.

24 hour BP monitoring

A 24r hour BP monitoring allows us to monitor your blood pressure and trend them over a 24 hour period. This enables more accurate assessment of your overall blood pressure trends and allow us to adjust your medications more accurately. It involves putting on a BP cuff around your arm for a day which is attached to a small device which is strapped around the waist.

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