Collaboration between Sunrise General and Ninkatec

Sunrise General Medical and Heart Services is liaising with Health home care technology solutions front-runner Ninkatec Pte Ltd to provide better and more comprehensive heart services for those patients who choose to recuperate at home.

About Ninkatec 

Ninkatec Pte Ltd provides personalized and cost-effective healthcare solutions for elderly patients to live meaningfully and comfortably in the comforts of their home. This is achieved through the appropriate use of clinical expertise and technology. They place patients’ well-being as top priority and ensure that the patients are fully cared for at all times.

Ninkatec, together with their established allied health partners offer an array of services round the clock to ensure that each and every patient can live meaningfully and lead fulfilling lives at home. Services range from general consultations to specialized prognoses, health screenings and vaccinations just to list a few.

Preference towards patient homecare

According to statistics from the Singapore Heart Foundation, approximately seventeen people die from cardiovascular related diseases daily. This includes diseases like stroke and heart disease, and it accounts for 29.3% of the total number of deaths in 2019. Heart related diseases has been one of the most prevalent causes of illness and diseases, especially more so with Singapore’s aging population.

With Singapore’s rise in aging demographics, there has been an increasing demand for patient homecare related services. Many of those that fall under this demographic prefer to be close to a familiar surrounding while recuperating and Ninkatec helps fulfill these demands. 

Benefits of the Collaboration between Sunrise General and Ninkatec

Through this collaboration between Ninkatec and Sunrise General, both parties hope to open up more possibilities, to bring more accessible cardiovascular services and treatments into the homes of the elderly patients. To add on, this collaboration allows both parties to grow their allied network in the community and provide better heart and health care for the elderly. This in turn, helps the elderly work towards rehabilitation and recovery from the comfort of their homes.

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