Anyone who is concerned about their risk of heart attack and stroke may consider heart screening. A full heart screening would encompass measuring your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugars and an enquiry on your health status. When done in conjunction with a treadmill ECG, this may help determine your future risk of cardiovascular disease and we can tailor preventative strategies accordingly. This may involve modifications to diet and lifestyle. If a patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease is high, we may even consider initiating medications to help lower a patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke.

A person who wants to consider participating in intensive sports such as a marathon may also consider having heart screening. They may involve the doctor asking a few questions to assess risk and performing a baseline ECG. An echocardiogram may also be performed depending on the circumstances.


Optimal management of your blood sugars, blood pressure and cholesterol is important. This would involve proper lifestyle measures such as having enough fruits and vegetables in your diet and regular exercise. If these methods do not work, we would then proceed to using medications to help control your cardiovascular risk factors.

If you are a smoker, quitting smoking is the best thing you can do to prevent heart attacks and strokes. However, quitting smoking can be very challenging and smokers often need multiple tries and plenty of encouragement before they finally quit successfully. Things that may help in smoking cessation may involve setting a quit date for smoking and replacing the habit with healthier alternatives. If non-pharmacological methods do not work, a nicotine patch may be tried in conjunction with existing methods.

Vaccinations can be useful to prevent cardiovascular disease. There has been studies which has linked regular influenza to cardiovascular events. As such, regular yearly influenza vaccinations are often useful to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events.

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